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You Need to Try These Top Cat Health Tips

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

February is National Cat Health Month. What a perfect time to make sure you are helping your kitty obtain optimal health!

But how can you do that? By following the cat health tips we have listed below. Read on to learn what they are.

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Keep Your Kitty at a Healthy Weight

Obesity can cause and/or complicate all sorts of health issues. Just a few examples include:

● Diabetes

● Arthritis

● Liver disease

● Pancreatitis

● Cancer

All of those issues are pretty serious. But preventing obesity can lower the risk of your cat developing those problems.

If you don’t know your cat’s ideal weight, ask your veterinarian. If your puss has already exceeded that range, you will need to create a weight loss plan for your feline.

Your veterinarian can help you come up with the perfect plan. Most likely, you will have to reduce your cat’s meal sizes and increase your kitty’s physical activity.

But if your cat’s weight is already where it should be, you won’t need to worry about weight loss. Instead, your focus will be on preventing obesity.

Feeding your cat the right amount of food each day along with providing enough exercise will keep excess pounds at bay.

Get Your Kitty Moving

The benefits of exercise go far beyond weight loss and maintenance. Here are some more reasons why your cat should get plenty of physical activity:

● Exercise is good for your cat’s heart and lungs.

● It will strengthen your pet’s muscles and bones.

● Staying active prevents boredom that could lead to behavioral problems.

● Playing with your cat will deepen the bond you share.

There are several different ways to get your fur ball moving. One of the best ways is to play with your cat. Try to fit in at least one 10–15 minute play session each day.

You can purchase toys from the pet store or you could make them yourself. Some DIY ideas include:

● Turning empty toilet paper rolls into fun toys. Catster can teach you how.

● Forming a ball out of a piece of paper and throwing it around for your kitty to chase.

● Transforming an old soda box into an exciting toy. Follow the steps at

If you choose to purchase toys, you will find all kinds of options. There are:

● Cat wands

● Toy mice

● Cat trees

● Puzzle toys

● And so much more!

Provide a Healthy, Nourishing Diet

It’s impossible to thrive without a healthy diet. And that goes for your cat too. If you want to make sure your feline is consuming the best diet possible, you must first learn what cats need.

Let’s start with the basics. Cats are carnivores, meaning they do best on a meat-based, low-carb diet. With that in mind, look for grain free foods that include real meat on the ingredient list.

Unfortunately, many pet food brands use ingredients that could be harmful to animals. When looking for a good product, be sure to always check the ingredient list before making a purchase.

Here’s what you want to avoid:

● By products

● Artificial flavors

● Preservatives

● Fillers

● Corn

● Wheat

● Food dyes

● Chemicals

Giving your kitty a healthy diet will probably require paying more for a trustworthy brand. Alternatively, you could make your feline’s meals from scratch.

Although both options require a sacrifice on your part, it’s very small compared to the enormous health benefits of eating healthy, real food. As a responsible pet owner, you can’t overlook this.

When deciding what to feed your cat, you must also consider your pet’s unique needs. For example, kittens require more nutrients than adult cats do.

And when adult cats reach old age, some of them might need another dietary adjustment. Medical conditions could also affect your pet’s nutritional requirements.

After determining the right ingredients and nutrients for your cat, you must then decide on the best type of food.

The various options include:

● Dry food

● Wet food

● Semi-moist food

● Raw food

● Homemade food

When it comes to feeding your cat, there is a lot to consider. But don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, consult your veterinarian.

He or she can advise you on the best food for your particular cat, ensuring your four-legged friend will not miss out on any vital nutrients.

Clean the Litter Box Every Day

If you don’t clean the litter box every day, your cat’s health might suffer. Here’s why.

Cats don't like using a dirty box. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? But this becomes a problem when they try to avoid using a dirty box by holding their urine and bowel movements.

This can lead to dangerous health issues, like a UTI, bladder infection, or kidney failure. Yikes!

That’s why a responsible pet owner should clean the box every day. But there’s also another good reason for getting into this habit.

Scooping out your cat’s urine and feces on a regular basis allows you to spot signs of trouble, which often show up in the litter box.

For example, you might notice that your cat starts urinating more or less frequently. Or you might see blood in your feline’s feces.

Anything out of the ordinary should prompt a visit to your veterinarian so that you can address the problem before it gets worse.

Show Your Furry Friend Some Love

Here’s one of our favorite cat health tips. Spending time petting and cuddling your kitty is just as important as providing the right diet and cleaning out the litter box.

Why? Because offering your love proves that you care for your fur baby, which helps your cat feel more secure.

In Conclusion

Keeping your cat happy and healthy isn’t hard or complicated. And the results of your efforts are definitely worth it! Remember, a healthy kitty is more likely to enjoy many happy years with you.

For a cat parent, is there anything better than that?

Probably not.

So, take some time during National Cat Health Month to make sure you are providing all the care your precious puss needs.

But when you can’t be there for your kitty, you need someone you trust to step in. That’s where we can help.

We can provide all the love and care your beloved pet needs while you are gone. Check out our cat care service to learn more!


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